Wednesday, July 23, 2008

understanding why God does things

So, I just finished this book called "Walking With God" by John Eldredge. It was honestly a good book that really challenged me to think about how much I listen to God about the smaller things in life, rather than just when I have a big decision to make about something. Definitely a read I needed.

There was one section in the book that really just caused something to "click" for me. It was a strange story to have a lesson for me because it had to do with his family's dog . . . and I'm far from a dog-person and honestly usually don't pay much attention to them when I read them or hear them. Bu this one I was reading and paying attention to this one. The author was relating a story about having to put their dog down. He talked about how they had some time to say good bye, but how it wasn't drawn out long, as that would have been worse to see their dog suffer for a long time when he was ill and in pain.

When I read that, something just sort of clicked in my head. I related it to my uncle dying sooner that we were all prepared for. I've been still asking God why it happened, and as I read this it made sense - it doesn't necessarily make it easier, but I think it was another step on the journey to dealing with the grief that came with my uncle dying.

When God took my uncle home when He did, He was doing what was best for all. God wasn't taking my uncle away to be cruel - it was actually something that was better than the alternative. We were given a few weeks to say good bye and then my uncle was gone. The other option was to watch him suffer and die slowly for months. That wouldn't have been any easier. When I think about it, I wouldn't have had wanted to watch him die for months. I was pretty upset with God at the time, but now, a number of months removed from it all, I can see that it was the better way for things to happen.

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