Tuesday, September 2, 2008

beauty of God's creation

I went camping this weekend and it was an amazing weekend. It was a VERY COLD weekend! But it was so good to just be out in creation and see the incredible beauty of all that God has created.

A few of my freinds and I headed up to Revelstoke - just a few hours north of Kelowna. I live in a place surrounded by mountains and forests and yet I don't even notice most of the time. But then I head up a little higher into the mountains and I'm once again struck by the beauty of what surrounds me everyday. Here in Kelowna, I don't even go and explore the beauty in the mountains that surround me. It seems strange to me that I so often ignore what surrounds me.

One evening as we were standing along the edge of the Columbia River where it ran through our campground just looking up at the starts in the sky, I was just really struck by the incredible power of God. I mean, there is no way that a God who didn't have any power could have created anything like what I was looking at that night. It was exactly the reminder I needed this weekend. We serve an amazing and incredible God!

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