Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, with this weekend being the obvious Thanksgiving weekend where people turn their thoughts toward what they're thankful for. So as with most people I've been thinking about that today as well. The more I've thought the more I've realized how incredibly much I have to be thankful for. God has blessed me richly in many ways and I have so much to be thankful for. Yet, I so often take it all for granted when I shouldn't.

So here's my list so far of what I'm thankful for:
  • a family that loves me and cares about me
  • amazing roommates to enjoy spending time with
  • incredible friends
  • freedom to worship God and to gather with other Christians
  • an amazing job that I enjoy most days
  • the beauty of creation that I get to live in
  • having enough money each month to pay the bills and still have some left to have fun

Those are just some of the many things in my life that I have to be thankful for. If I took more time I'm sure that I could come up with even more.

I'm not sure why it takes a once a year weekend that is planned for me to think of what I'm thankful for. It should be something that is a part of my life all the time. That's the challenge right now . . . for me to remember to acknowledge the things I'm thankful for year round, not just once a year.

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