Friday, January 16, 2009

God always gives us a choice

As I was reading the other day I was struck by a phrase I read in Jeremiah 21:8, which says: ". . . See I am setting before you the way of life and the way of death . . ." There is incredible truth in those few words . . . God does give us a choice. He will set the options before us and let us choose.

We are not forced to choose a certain path - God leaves it up to us. He may tell us the consequences of choosing of a certain path, but He still leaves the decision up to us. If we choose, knowing full well what the consequences are, to go our own way, God will let us. He is not going to force us to go His way. He may nudge and encourage us to go in the direction that He chooses, but He will not force us to go His way.

Really when I think about this, it makes me realize again how much God actually loves and cares for me - for you - for us. He loves and cares for us enough to allow us to make our own choices, even if we make the wrong ones far too often. That is pretty amazing!

And when we choose the wrong path and realize it and turn back to Him, He welcomes us with open arms. We will probably still have to live with the consequences of having chosen that wrong path before, but we will not have to walk through it alone. God will be there with us in the midst of those consequences and He will help to provide us with the tools to choose the right path next time.

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