Friday, February 27, 2009

trusting God with your greatest fears

In the last couple months I have been challenged with this question more than a few times:

If the my greatest fear in life happened, would I still trust God?

It's something that has made me really think. First of all, about what my greatest fears on life are. And, then, about whether I would trust God even if they did happen. Those things in life that we tell people we could never survive having them happen to us - if that happened would I still trust God? Would I still go on with life?

A favorite speaker of mine that I was listening to earlier today said that "it's not enough to trust God that that which we fear the most will not happen." I think that is so often what we do. We take what we fear the most and we decide we'll trust God that it won't happen. And, then, if it does happen at some point, we decide that we can't trust God at all. When we live with this thinking, the enemy will constantly threaten us with exactly that fear. He will threaten us with it until we are completely incapacitated by it.

Rather than this, we need to choose to say: "even if _________ (insert one of the things you think you won't survive happening) happens, I will choose to trust God - to trust God that He knows what He's doing and that He will use it for good in the end." That's a radically different way to live than we normally do. And it's a choice we have to make.

When we make this choice we become dangerous to the enemy! He loses any power he had over us!

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