Tuesday, April 27, 2010

back on the prairies

So, I'm sitting in my hotel room in Caronport . . . back here for a week for my "baby" sister's wedding. As we were flying in to Regina earlier this afternoon I struck again by how flat it is out here . . . and everything looks like boxes from up above, as we flew over the endless farm fields. And yet, as I look out the window of the hotel room there is also a beauty to the prairies. Growing up in cities and surrounded by mountains, I had never seen a sunset that looked like the ones I saw here, or seen a night sky quite like you can see here.

Looking outside reminds me of how much care and detail that God took in creating this world - all parts of this world. Although, when I was out here for school those of us from BC used to joke that God spent lots of time making everything west of the Rocky Mountains and by the time He got to here, He was tired so that's why they're all flat here. But, that was all in fun.

This picture is looking out across a field from a dirt road at the edge of town. Seeing the sky go on and on forever like that is something that people raised in mountainous areas don't usually see.

Watching the sunset through the trees. It was pretty cool to see a sunset take over the entire sky.

Growing up in the beautiful place that I did, it was always easy to take it for granted. It wasn't until I left there to go away for school that I realized how beautiful it actually was. And, also discovered the different kind of beauty that other areas had to offer - even the cold prairies can be beautiful in winter when you're watching the Northern Lights or watching an amazing sunrise or sunset.

God sure created a beautiful place for us to live. We have been blessed. Sitting here today reminded me of that.

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