Thursday, July 22, 2010

the blessing of family

So far this has been a busy week (this is the first evening I have been home since Friday), but I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's been a week of a lot of stuff with my family, and except for a few moments, I've really enjoyed it all. My sister and her husband have been in town and that means we've had everyone together a lot.

This week I've been reminded again of the incredible family I'm blessed to have - my Mom, my Dad, both of my sisters . . . and now two brother-in-laws. Honestly, at first I thought it would be strange to have two more guys at the table for family dinners, but I love it. My sisters have picked some quality guys and I've enjoyed getting to know them better this week. All to soon, it seems like, Sunday will be here and my sister and husband will head home.

I don't think I've always thought of my family as a blessing. They are days when they drive me up the wall and all I want to do is escape from them. But, I think I've also taken them for granted sometimes. Rather than see how rich I was in having parents and sisters, and now brothers, who were there for me I just kind of assumed that was normal and I deserved that. I'm realizing now that they are a blessing.

I have no idea why God has seen fit to give me such an amazing family, but He has. With my youngest sister and her husband not living here I think I've realized that all the more. I treasure the time that they do come to town for and I treasure the time I get to spend with my other sister and her fiance and my parents. We laugh about silly things and tease each other about stuff we used do, or in some cases still do. We make a point to spend time together just to be together - there doesn't always have to be a reason.

I guess tonight, in the midst of a busy week filled with family, I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my family. They're the people I know that I can count on to be there and the ones I call first with news of any kind. They're also the people who I probably argue with the most and who can annoy me the most, but that's because we are close.

So, to my family, who may read this blog . . . thank you for being who you are. Thank you for all the laughs and tears and for just being willing to enjoy life. You are the biggest blessing in my life. I love you all!!!

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