Sunday, December 19, 2010

the gift of presence

In church this morning our pastor was talking about the gift of the incarnation - of Jesus coming to earth. In Jesus coming to earth, He came near and gave humanity the gift of His presence. Through Jesus on earth, God become approachable and accessible. He was no longer a distant being who required certain ceremonies to cleanse yourself before entering His Temple, and rarely, His actual presence. Because of the Jesus' incarnation, we are able to enter in to relationship with God. What an amazing gift to receive!

This is also a gift that we can give to our families and our friends. The gift of being present in their lives . . . of not being glued to our phone, our MP3 player, our TV, our computer. We can put all those things that our culture says we need to the side and give our attention, our focus, our time, our energy to the people in our lives. We can give the gift of our presence whether we have lots of money or no money. Being present with someone does not require finances, but it does require time and energy. But, the rewards of that sacrifice of time and energy will be worth it in the end.

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