Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a few totally unrelated thoughts from my life recently

Apparently I have been neglecting my blog for the last three weeks. My first clue came when I had to try to remember my log-in because it had been so long since I had actually had to use it to get in. The last few weeks have been busy and as much as I have kept meaning to come by here to write a post, there never seemed to be enough hours in a day. I have no specific thing I have been thinking about a lot recently - mostly it's been a few smaller things that have been running through my head. So this post may be a little bit random.

Last weekend I was at a conference at my church. We were using Beth Moore's Loving Well teaching for the weekend. I was challenged by her saying that we cannot love others well until we accept that we have been well loved by God. Our love for others must come out of the overflow of God's love for us in our lives. If we are only seeking love from the other people in our lives, we will easily become burnt out on loving people. The love we receive from other people should be a bonus, that comes after we have been filled up with God's love. We must continue to seek to be filled with God's love as we pour out love to others.

My sister will be here in a couple days. That is something that I am really looking forward to. Six months without seeing her is too long! I think at times I have taken for granted how much I enjoy spending time with my sisters. But in the last year I have come to a greater understanding of how special our friendships as sisters are. To this day, my sisters are the ones who can drive me the craziest and frustrate me the most. But, they can do that because of our relationship. My sisters are also the ones I have laughed the most with, cried the most with, and have the best memories with.

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