Monday, May 21, 2012

i'll be there

This post started as I was driving home from a weekend away with some friends. The words to one of the songs we were listening to struck me. The lyrics declared someone would be there for someone through everything. I started to think about how for disciples of Christ, that really is something that only God can be. (The song is not a Christian song, so I kind of doubt that the writers of the song would have expected this train of thought to come from their song.)

I'll Be There (Faber Drive)

As I listened to those words I thought about how hard we can often try to be the one who will be there for everything someone we love needs. It's an admirable ideal. But, I think the reality is that we won't always be able to do so. There are times when we will fail to be the one who is there.

But, the good thing is that, as disciples of Christ, we have Someone who is always there. Other people can be there for us, and often they will be. But, the times when they aren't, we still aren't alone.

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