Sunday, November 17, 2013


Snow-capped mountains

Fading into clouds come low

Grey skies above

The world seems small today


Changing seasons

Summer becomes fall

Fall turns into winter

 Temperatures dropping


Bare tree trunks and branches

Leaves long gone

The death that always comes

The death that winter brings


At least it looks that way

But deep inside

Life still breathes

Waiting for spring to come


A world covered in white

Until the day comes

That it all changes

Snow melts


To reveal new life

That was buried deep within

Bursting forth in glorious colour

Bright, beautiful, new


Without the winter

Without the death

That winter brings

We would miss spring


The new life bursting forth

Would be unnoticed

In the busy-ness of life

As we hurry through each day


We all have favourite seasons

Each beautiful in its own way

And each one needed

To see the beauty of the others


Snow-capped mountains

Reflect the brilliant sun

Blue skies above

The world seems big today


Spring has come

New life has come

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