Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One Night that Changed the World

As I have been reflecting on the Christmas story this year, I've been struck by how life changing the birth of this one baby was for all people - the night it happened and for all eternity.

One baby changed the world forever. 
Nothing has been the same since that night.

We often talk about how a baby changes everything for the family that baby is born into.
 None brought so much change as Jesus when He was born.

God come to earth.


God with us.

The One whose life, death, and resurrection would make a way for mankind to once again have direct access to God.

The ultimate expression of sacrificial love. Of humble service.

I wonder if Mary and Joseph, if the shepherds, if the Magi, really understood the significance of that night. They knew what the angels had told them about this baby, but did they really get it? 

A couple thousand years later, do we really get it? Will we ever really get it?

The birth of a baby, named Jesus. 
A baby Who would change everything through His life and death.

The promised Messiah. The One prophesied about.
The One missed by so many when He came because of the way He came.
The One missed by so many while He walked on earth because He came to serve, not to exert His power.
The One missed by so many because He dies a criminal's death to become the greatest sacrifice and defeat sin and death for good.
The One still missed by many today.

But for those who stop to notice . . .
for those who are searching for something more . . .
for those who are willing to be humble and serve . . .
the chance to meat the One Who changes everything.

The One Who offers hope.
The One Who offers forgiveness and a second chance.
The One Who offers unconditional love.
The One Who never fails.

It was one night . . . 
in a stable . . .
in a small town . . .
with two poor parents . . .
surrounded by animals . . .
where the world changed forever.

God put His plan in motion to redeem a fallen world,
to restore a broken relationship with His people.
A plan still in motion today.
A plan that still offers hope today.

A birth.
A baby.
A life lived.
A death.
And the greatest of all - a victory over death, a resurrection.
All because of God's vast, unmeasurable, unchanging, unfailing love for each of us.
That makes it something worth celebrating!

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