Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Elusive Peace

Silence falls with the snow
A blanket of white covers
Noises muffled and distant
Silence becomes my friend
An escape from the rushing
Leaving busy-ness behind

Peace - often seems so far away
But in this moment it reigns
What always seems elusive
Has come so very near
How do I make it more than this?
How do I learn to live in it?
In the midst of the busy
In the midst of the rush
How can peace reign always?

If Jesus came to bring us peace,
Why does it seem impossible
To find in each of our days?
As I ask, He answers me

"You have to choose to turn your eyes
Turn the towards Me
Take them off your circumstances
And keep them always on Me
Then My peace will reign
In your every day life"

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