Saturday, September 5, 2015

What Fills You Up?

Life is full of things we have to do. Lists if what is required of us.

Often, these lists can be full of things that drain us. Things that deplete us, but that we have to do anyways.

Sometimes we feel lucky. There's more things on the list that we get excited about doing, then things that deplete us.

But usually that only happens when we're intentional about building those things into our lives. We have to discover what it is that fills us up and then figure out how to do more of that.

Many of the activities that deplete us we won't be able to eliminate completely. They'll still be required as part of life. But, we can find ways to minimize the time we spend on them.

And that additional time we find can be used for those activities we have discovered that fill us up.

What fills you up? What things in your life leave you feeling refreshed and energized to face the list of things you have to do?

How do those things work in your schedule? Do you need to change things, so they're a regular part of your life?

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