Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Root Need for Security

I was sitting in a Bible study recently when the teacher said something that really struck me. I've been thinking about it ever since. It was Beth Moore' study on the book of Proverbs, called "Wising Up."

In her session on "Wising up with Our Money," Beth made the statement that one reason we're driven to seeking more money is because of a root need for security, especially as women.

I've been thinking a lot about our need for security since then. Money is just one of the ways we try to satisfy this need in our lives, but the ways we try is not limited to that. We turn to many things in seeking that security . . . a relationship with someone, a better job, a better education, more power, more money, more stuff, and many other things.

The problem is that those things never really satisfy our need for security. They just pull us into an endless cycle of seeking the next thing to be secure, and when that fails, we go on to the next thing.

Deep down, we know that  these won't really satisfy that need. And when we're seeking security in these things we know we could loose in an instant, we'll never really feel secure.

I think I really resonated with Beth Moore's words in her study, because I know I've done that. I've sought security in having what I deemed to be enough money in the bank. I often called it just being smart with my money and I think it started out that way. But, I knew it had become something I was placing too much on when I was so focused on there always being more there that I couldn't even spend it on what I had put it there for in the first place because it would mean I had less.

God meant for us to satisfy our need for security in Him, because He will never fail us. When we place our trust in Him, He will completely fill that need for security in a way that nothing on earth ever will. And through it, we'll be free to really live the life we've been offered.

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