Tuesday, May 9, 2017


"Trust Me," He said.

She wasn't so sure. She couldn't see the ground where He was telling her to place her next step. She didn't know if the ground would be stable. Was it firm? Was it flat? Were there rocks on the ground that would make her food slide when she put it down? How far down would she have to go before her foot felt the ground beneath her again?

"Trust Me," He said again, "You can do this. I'm right her; I'll keep you steady as you take the step."

She still didn't know exactly where this step would land. But the most important question she had to answer was whether she trusted Him. Did she trust Him enough to take the step based on His words and His promise to be there for her?

"Trust Me. Whatever this brings, you're not alone. I'm with you and I'm not leaving you."

She hesitantly began to move - to take that first step. As she did, she grabbed His hand and held on tight. She realized that no matter how tightly she held, He was holding her securely enough and He would not lose His grip on her.

That step didn't land where she would have liked. It required her to completely trust His promise to be there, to keep His grip on her. And that's exactly what did happen. She made it on that step, and each subsequent one to come.


Sometimes this is what it feels like walking with God. He asks us to trust Him and take the next step He's calling us to. We may be unsure, but we can choose to trust Him, and when we cling tightly to Him as we take that step, we'll find He's holding onto us more securely than we could ever hold onto Him.

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