Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Prince of Peace

Crisp, cool air. Clear, blue skies.

A world covered in white reflecting the brilliant sun.

Snow falling over the tops of my boots with every step, as I sank into the soft, fluffy snow.

The noise of traffic on the road nearby muffled by these depths of snow. Snowplow blades scraping on the road, the only noise carrying to where I am.

There's something about the snow that makes this crazy world we live in seem more peaceful. It forces us to slow down. It creates silence where there's usually noise.

It may be past Christmas now. We've had the day where we celebrate the birth of the Messiah. But that is where my thoughts are drawn again as I walk.

Jesus was called the Prince of Peace in Isaiah 9:6 where His birth is prophesied. In a world where peace often seems elusive - both globally and in our individual lives - it seems fitting to me that we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace at this time of year. For a brief time, there seems to be a way to escape the craziness and find some peace.

The snow has reminded me of that. And I'm encouraged to look for ways to experience the Prince of Peace in the midst of the craziness that life often is.

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