Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How I Want to Live

These words are a recent addition to my wall. In all honesty, probably a bit of an impulse buy when I saw them. But, they jumped out at me when I saw them.

Simple words. Simple things to live by. But, powerful in the kind of life that would be lived by someone the choice to live this way.

I've known someone who I would say has lived by these words. I know the power of that kind of a life. Her life impacted people in powerful ways because she lived this way most of the time.

Think Deeply

This is about taking time to really reflect and ponder what is happening in our lives. It's about more than just running through life without a second thought. We have to stop and take time to think about things - about life, what we're doing, what's happening around us and in our lives.

Speak Gently

This is all about how we communicate with people. When we speak gently, we communicate the value of the other person in the conversation. We still communicate our thoughts and opinions, but what matters is how we do it.

Love Much

Doing this means we might get hurt. We're putting ourselves out there - making ourselves vulnerable. But, loving much also has rewards. It's how we develop relationship with people.

Laugh a Lot

Laughter changes so much for it. We need it. We need to find things in life that we can laugh about.

Work Hard

Work is not a curse. God created. We need to work at what we've been called to do. And working hard at it brings honour to God.

Give Freely

Be generous with what you have. Time. Energy. Possessions. When we hoard what we have, it corrupts. When we're generous and willing to share what we have it changes everything.

Be Kind

This is all about how we treat people. Kindness goes a long way - especially in our culture where kindness often seems to be missing.

I would add one thing to this list: Listen Carefully.

Listening - really listening - is becoming a lost art in our society. But, when we learn to listen carefully and well to people it changes everything.

The person I knew who lived this well, is gone from this life now. But, her impact lives on because she lived this way when I knew her. Seeing this hanging on my wall is a reminder of how I want to live my life.

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