Friday, May 16, 2008

idol worship & learning from the OT

So, this past week at Alive the message was on "modern day idolatry". We talked about what the idols we worship today are.

Deuteronomy talks about Israel falling to idol worship. They had a golden calf made and then they worshipped it. Reading that today, it seems almost strange that they would build something and then worship it. It's not something that we can picture in our culture today.

But, we do the same thing today. We may not bow down before a physical idol, but we bow down and worship other things. We make education, success, money, material things, power our idols and we worship them, the same way that Israel worshipped the golden cal in Deuteronomy.

The message really just got me thinking. It's so easy to right off some of the things in the Old Testament as irrelevant because we are no longer bound by the Old Testament Law. But there is value in paying attention to what it has to say and learning from it. There are still lessons we can learn.

Well, that's the end for tonight. My apologies for being all over the place tonight, I'm apparently really tired and should sleeping and not writing.

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