Thursday, May 8, 2008

the unexpected things of life and trusting God

So, things have been interesting since I last wrote anything on here. And I must say that most of what has happened has been unexpected . . . and usually not the good kind of unexpected. Not that things have been terrible or anything, but they haven't exactly been good or what I had hoped for. But life goes on and you learn to make the best of things.

With all that has happened recently, it's really got me thinking about where I put my trust. Do I really place it in God, so that when things go wrong and the unexpected comes I'm still OK? Or do I put my trust in my own plans and what I want to see happen in my life.

I was reading in Psalms earlier this week and Psalm 20:7 really jumped out at me. It says:
"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God."

The psalmist was talking about the big things that people would have trusted in for protection and success in life in this verse. Comparing what the world trusts with what we trust. After I reaf that verse I sat there thinking for a long time.

Can I really say that?

Is it true for me that I can say: "Some may trust in their money or their job or their education, but I trust in God"?

That's quite the statement to live out (but then, most of what we are called to live in Bible takes some guts and willingness to live counter-culturally to do) . . . but that is my prayer. That I would live a life that acts on the trust that I say I have in God - a life that is what God calls me to live.

Without having trust in God, I can't hope to stand in the spiritual battle that is going on all around me. The only way of assured victory in it is to place my trust in God and then to live out that trust.

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