Monday, January 4, 2010

changes in 2010

In the past few days I've been reflecting on my life and why I do the things I do. As part of that, I've been reflecting on why I have blog, why I write what I write, and if changes need to be made in regards to my blog. It's been interesting to go back and think about the reasons why I started blogging in the first place and to reread some of my first posts. I enjoy blogging . . . sharing what God is speaking to me about and challenging or encouraging other through what I post here. (At least, I hope that is what I do.)

One of the things that God is really challenging me with this year is to get back to the Bible. I love to read, and I'll read almost any non-fiction Christian book I can get my hands on. But, sometimes that means I get caught up in what others have to say about the Bible and life as a follower of Christ. Not that I need to stop reading books by Christian authors or anything like that . . . but I think I need to learn how to more often put down that new book I have and just pick up my Bible and start to read and allow God to speak to me through His Word.

Since most of my blogs as of late have come from things I have read in other books and then have been thinking about, I've come to see that this may begin to change what my blog looks like to some degree. I'll still be posting "thoughts on life as a follower of Christ", but I'm starting to think that it may look a bit different, at least some of the time. My hope and prayer is actually that rather than beginning with a quote by an author, more blogs will begin with a passage of Scripture - with God speaking to me through His Word.

I guess for you, the reader of this blog, things won't change all that much. You'll still be reading someone else's thoughts on something to do with life as a follower of Christ. But, for me it will be a change I'm looking forward to in this new year . . . getting back to God speaking to me through His Word and my writing flowing out of that.

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