Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day rambllings

Hmm, it's Mother's Day. In many ways, this day snuck up on me this year. Everything was focused towards my sister's wedding last weekend and then about Wednesday this past week I realized that today was Mother's Day. I knew Mother's day was coming at the beginning of May. And I knew I didn't want to forget about the day. But, it definitely came faster than I was prepared for.

So, the past few days I have found myself trying to decide what to do for my amazing Mother for Mother's Day. How can I let her know how much I appreciate her? Last year, I wrote a blog called "tribute to my mom" so in some ways I don't know if there is anything better I can do than that. Every word that I wrote last year about how much I love and appreciate my Mom is still true.

Another thing that I've found myself thinking about a lot in the last couple of days are the other people I get watch as mothers of their own children. In the past year or so a number of my friends have become parents for the first time. Watching them love their children and adjust to being parents has been pretty sweet. I never doubted these friends would make good parents one day and I have seen them become amazing parents to their little children.

Mother's Day has sometimes seemed like a strange idea to me. Why do we have to put a day on the calendar to let our Mothers (and our Fathers on Father's Day) know how much we love them and appreciate them? Isn't this something we should tell them more than once a year? But, then I also think that sometimes it is important to have a day set aside for specific things. Even if we do tell our parents how much we appreciate them on a more regular basis, maybe having a day set aside where we give them a bit of extra attention and appreciation isn't a bad idea. After all they have done for us over the years, they deserve days where they feel special and honoured just because of who they are to us.

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