Sunday, August 29, 2010

surrender all?

Have you ever stopped when you were singing along with a song on a CD you were listening to or in church and thought about the words you were just singing?

I was just listening to the song "Surrender" by Jeremy Camp when I did just that.

I was stopped by the line "I surrender to your throne." Ultimately that is my desire, but I started to wonder if that was something I alwasy meant when I sang that. Or was it just words to a song I was singing along to?

Lately, I have found myself pondering and reflecting more and more on what I sing when I am listening to music. Do I mean it? Or am I just singing it because it is part of the song? Basically, a heart check. Where is my heart in this moment?

Even though I may mean them in the moment, I know I may not always do a great job of living it out, but I do not think that is the biggest issue. The big deal is do I mean and desire what I am singing. Do I actually desire to be completely surrendered to God's throne? If I actually mean it and am seeking to live that way, then even though I may not do it perfectly all the time I can declare that to be my heart's desire. But, if I do not really desire to surrender completely to God's throne, do I really want to sing those words?

I wonder if I am the only one who thinks like this or if there are more that have had this thought process go through their heads at times.

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