Wednesday, May 18, 2011

change, dreams, the next step

It is only four days until my sister will be married and less than two weeks until I have to move, so I am sure there are more productive things I could be doing at 11 at night (like sleeping!), but my mind is turning to my blog and what I want to write. I am not sure I have more than a few sentences about a few different topics that are only somewhat related, so I have no idea what this post will hold.

Change . . .  that is the big thing in my life right now . . . and to be honest I am not a fan of change. But life, it seems, is full of it. Big changes, little changes, hard changes, easy changes, good changes, bad changes. The one consistent thing is that life brings change. As much as I do not like change, when I look back on my life, sometimes the biggest growth has come out of the times of the biggest changes in my life.

Sometimes I look at all that is coming between now and the end of the month and I wonder how I will get it all done. There's still a lot of boxes to pack and a lot of cleaning to do. I wonder if sometimes in life we get so big in what we look at that we get overwhelmed. That is definitely what is happening with moving. If I look at all that is left, it seems impossible. But if I look at just the next task that I need to get done, then it seems do-able. Life can be that way too. We look at the big picture - the big dream we have of what we could do or be - and it seems like we will never be able to do it. But if we stop and just look at the next thing we need to do to move toward that dream, it becomes much more manageable. We need the big picture to give us the excitement, the passion to move forward. But then we need to move to just looking at the next step, so that we can actually move toward the dream and make it a reality.

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