Saturday, June 4, 2011

God calling

God, that's too big; God, that's too hard;
God, I'm not qualified to do that!
God, are You sure You got the right person?
Over and over, those words - my response
To the things God tells me to do.

But, He keeps on calling - He just won't give up -
Calling me to do what seems too big and too hard;
What I feel unqualified to do.
Why does He want me for that job?
Why does He think I can do it?

Just trust Me, He says, I'll help you to do it.
I made you, remember? I know you can do it!
With Me by your side - you won't be alone.
You can do big things cuz I made you that way;
You just have to follow and trust and obey.

OK, God, I'll follow and trust and obey.
I know I can't do this all on my own.
I need You beside me each step of the way.
Where You lead I will follow and trust and obey.

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