Thursday, November 17, 2011

first snowfall

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the year. And it was more than just a dusting of snow. The drive home from work was a slow drive on slippery roads. It would have been easy to be nothing but frustrated with the snow and the challenges or inconveniences it can bring.

This picture is from Jan 2011.
I didn't have my camera yesterday.
But, I was struck by something as I was shovelling the snow off my steps. I don't mind shovelling snow - as long as it's just a small space I have to shovel. Even though there was vehicles driving on the roads on both sides of the house, the only sound I could hear was my shovel scraping on the steps. In a world that is so busy and noisy all the time, it was a refreshing few minutes.

It reminded me of why I love going for walks in the snow so much. The layer of white on everything looks so peaceful and the silence that it seems to bring to the world. I enjoy the escape that it brings. When I'm out walking in the snow, for some reason it seems easier to leave the rest of what is going on in my life behind.

It makes me wonder how to find those moments in life more? How can we create those moments where we leave the busy-ness and noise of the world behind and just enjoy the silence?

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