Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I spent the last weekend at a women's retreat. As I was reflecting a bit on the weekend tonight, it seemed like a poem fit the way I would describe it.

Friday night at the retreat
Laughter and conversation rings
There's an excitement in the air
Just the beginning of some time away
With girlfriends and with God

Late night, laughter, games
Dance party in the games room
Everyone gets involved
No expectations or judgement
Let's just have some fun

Time in worship and in prayer
God is the reason that we gather here
"God we want to hear from You -
Pleas meet us here?"
We come with expectation

The lives we have at home
The things that fill our hours
Are left behind for hours
So we can hear from God
And grow together in His Word

Sunday lunch comes too soon
It's time to head back home
Conversations, prayers, and tears
Have made up our weekend
They go home with us

God did show up amongst us
He drew us close to Him
He drew us close to others
Our lives changed if we allowed it
Because God has been at work

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