Thursday, January 19, 2012

making the most of life

Do you ever have those times when you hear something that you're not quite sure can be true? Sometimes it's because it's a good thing. And sometimes it's because it's the opposite - a bad thing. But, whatever it is you either aren't sure you can believe it or you're not sure you want to believe it.

That's what I experienced when I got to work to hear that one of my co-workers had died over the holidays. It's not what you expect to hear when you get to work. And it's not something you want to believe when you hear it. When you work with someone for four and half years, it becomes something you expect to see them every day when you get to work. The passing "hello." The brief conversations in passing or in the lunch room. It's sometimes hard to see how much of life is shared with your co-workers.

Sometimes life is unpredictable. Sometimes the unexpected happens. And it makes me wonder if that should affect the way we live each day. Not that we should live in fear of what will happen next. But, that we shouldn't hold off on doing things. We should take the opportunities we have and make the most of them every day. And in the process we should make our relationships with others the most important, because they are what will last beyond all we have and even beyond our life on this earth.

How are you living your life? Are you waiting for the time to "be right" to do something? Or are you taking the opportunity to do it now? And to value the relationships you have and invest in them?

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