Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Have you ever wondered why we call it Good Friday? I mean, it really doesn't seem like it would have been a good day for Jesus' followers when they watched Him get nailed to a cross and die. They wouldn't have had the thought that Jesus would rise from the dead in victory just a few days later. We have that in mind when we come to Good Friday on our calendars. We know what happened a few days later. And even still I often find myself wondering why we call it Good Friday. It just doesn't seem to be a name we would give to a day that is for us to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us.

When I look for and do some research there are all kind of things said about why this day is called Good Friday. I couldn't find an explanation that was universally given. And so I'm left to wonder why. But, maybe that is a good thing. It makes me stop and actually think about this day - about this weekend.

Jesus' death paid the ultimate price for all of the sin of all of humanity. That's something worth remembering - because it changed everything. And then three days later, He rose from the dead - He conquered death! That really changed everything!

In many ways, it is beyond human understanding that someone would do this for us. We have people we would give a lot for, but probably not a lot of people we would give our lives for. Yet, that is exactly what Jesus did for us. He gave His life for us! That's some amazing news.

Maybe that is why we call today Good Friday.

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