Saturday, April 21, 2012

letting go of the good for the better

Whether I should be writing this post at this late hour (or rather early morning hour) remains to be seen, but since I'm still awake and since it is now my birthday I feel a desire to write.

The last few weeks have caused me to reflect a bit on things in my life. This birthday isn't a "big one" but it seems a little significant for me. I've found myself looking at all of the things I thought I would do in my twenties and realizing that there's a lot of them left for me to do in the coming year if I'm going to . Except I don't have control over all of them, so I can't make them happen this year. And at the same time I see all sorts of things that I didn't plan on having happen that have happened.

As I have reflected, I have come to a conclusion on things: Sometimes you have to let go of what may seem good in order to receive the even better that God has for us. None of things I thought would happen that haven't happened are bad things - in fact, they're all good things - but, had those things happened some of the other things wouldn't have happened. I had to let go of good things to get even better things.

It's not fun, in the moment, to not get something good. I always thought that I would be married by now and possibly have some kids of my own before I turned thirty. Given that I'm single right now, that doesn't seem very likely that all that will happen in the next 12 months (it actually might be a little freaky if all that did happen in that short time frame). Wanting to get married and have kids is a good thing, and not having that isn't always fun, but I have made the choice to believe that there are other things in my life that are better for right now (they may not always be better, but they are better for now). I have time to do things I wouldn't otherwise. I can get involved in anything I think I might enjoy at church and serve in ways I couldn't if people were waiting for me at home. I have a freedom with my finances to be generous whenever I feel lead. Having those things doesn't mean that it would be bad if I had a husband and kids. It just means that I have received something different.

Sometimes you have to let go of what may seem good in order to receive the better that God has for us. That better may be just for a season or it may be for a lifetime.

So, what about you? Are there things in your life that would be good that seem to not be happening? Could it be that God has something even better than that in store for you?

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