Tuesday, November 6, 2012

refreshing rain

It was still dark when I opened my eyes. In the quiet cabin I could hear the rain tapping on the metal roof. For a few moments I just lay there listening.

So quiet and peaceful. It felt like I could stay there for hours. Listening to the rhythmic drum of the rain on the roof.

I've always loved the sound of rain. The feel standing and turning my face to the rain. It's always been refreshing and restoring.

Somehow the rain seems to wash things away. The stress of the day. The frustrations of life. They seem to disappear as I stand in the rain.

After standing in the rain for a while, I head back inside. I'm wet. Leaving a trail of water behind me. But I'm ready to face another day. Ready to move forward.

In the same way as a rainfall refreshes and washes away the dead, a rainfall of God's Spirit working in our lives will refresh us and wash away the dead. Just as after a rainfall new life appears, a rainfall of God's Spirit working in our lives will bring new life.

When was the last time you put yourself in a place to receive a fresh rainfall of God's Spirit in your life?
Is it time for that again?

What areas of your life need refreshing?
What areas of your life have dead things that need to be washed away?
Where do you need new life to spring up?

Ask God for a fresh rainfall of His Spirit in your life to do that. It's so worth it!

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