Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Remember

My second week being a part of Five Minute Friday. You can find out more about Five Minute Friday and how to be a part of it on Lisa-Jo Baker's blog.

This week's word is Remember, and her post on today's word here.

Life is full of moments you want to remember. Some you do and some you don't. But one thing is true of them all: We want to remember them because there was something special about them.

I have one memory that is a special one to me. It's something I can still see in my mind like it happened yesterday - even though it happened 15 years ago.

We were at my Great-Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary celebration. There was lots of family around. And lots of pictures of their lives and families to look at.

I remember looking through an album of photos of people I was somehow related to with my Great-Grandpa and my Grandma. My Great-Grandpa was telling me who the people were and what the pictures were from.

Those minutes hearing a few stories and being told who people were are a precious memory to me. It's also the last thing I remember about my Great-Grandpa, as he passed away no too long after that celebration.

I fell so blessed to be able to remember things like that. Moments we remember and cherish because there was something special about them.

Remember . . . it's remembering the special and important moments in life that give us something to hold onto when life gets hard.


  1. What a gift - to have been able to be there and celebrate with your Great-Grandparents for their anniversary. Life is so precious.