Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Do You Believe About Yourself?

For about 9 months, I've been writing more consistently on this blog.

Sometimes I've felt like I have lots to say. Other times I've found it more difficult to write.

I've written some of my favourite posts in this time. And some that I look back on and wonder why I wrote them.

But there is one thing I've learned in doing this.

It makes a huge difference in how I approach what I put up here to call myself a writer.

That might seem like a strange concept to some. In the traditional sense of having a published book, I'm not a writer. At least some people would say I'm not.

But I read a quote a while ago that challenged me. I can't find the quote now, but it said that we become writers when we call ourselves one. Not when the world around us says we are.

It's about a change in thinking.

And like in so many other things, the way you think matters when it comes to writing.

It doesn't matter if I'm a good writer as much as if I believe I'm a writer. Obviously, I want to be a good writer, but that can come with practice.

It starts with believing I'm a writer because the way I think influences what I do.

This is a concept that applies in our spiritual lives as well.

The way we think about ourselves and our relationship with God affects the things we do in our walk with God.

If we believe and constantly tell ourselves we'll never be able to live in victory in an area of our lives, we won't find victory in that area. We'll find ourselves stuck in the pattern we want to break.

But if we fill our minds with God' truth - that with His help we can live in victory over whatever it is, we will find that it becomes possible to do that.

It all starts with what we're telling ourselves. Because what we tell ourselves and believe about ourselves is how and what we live.

How do you think about yourself? What do you believe about yourself?

Is it in line with the truth about you and the life you can live? Or does it need to change?

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