Sunday, August 25, 2013

Does God Still Speak to us Today?

When I was watching one of my favourite TV shows earlier today, a conversation on it made me start thinking. The family on the show is Catholic and discussions about faith are a regular part of the show. In this particular episode they were talking about whether God speaks and people can hear from Him. Some people in the family said He does and some people said He doesn't.

It got me started thinking about how we approach this in our own lives. Do we think that God still speaks to us? Or do we think that we talk to Him and He doesn't talk to us back?

I would say that Scripture makes it clear that God does speak to us today. And much of church history would tell us the same thing. Personal experience can too.

I began to wonder if the difference in whether we think God speaks to us today or not comes from how we approach it. If we go into it thinking God doesn't speak, then we're not going to stop and listen for His voice. But if we go into it thinking that God can and does speak to us, then we'll be listening for His voice.

I think we sometimes struggle with the idea of God speaking because it's not like sitting across the table and having someone say something to us. If God did that, I don't think we would have any question about whether God speaks to us today.

But, that's not what happens. We have to learn to recognize God's voice and how He speaks to us.

My biggest question when it comes to God speaking to us today has always been "How do I know it's actually God speaking?"

We learn to recognize God's voice better as we listen for it. If we don't take the time to listen, we'll never learn to recognize it.

How are you doing at taking the time to listen? Are you starting to recognize God's voice when He is speaking to you?

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