Sunday, August 4, 2013


Sometimes it seems like life goes in seasons. Some we feel really alive and some we don't. That can be a way we describe our walks with God.

For most of my life I would get frustrated when the season of my walk with God seemed more like winter. I didn't understand why those times existed. I thought they were a waste of time in our lives.

But, then I started to notice something that happens in nature with the changing of the seasons. In winter things die or go into hibernation. They often get covered by the snow. And then spring comes. With spring comes new growth. Things bloom again.

I began to see that it's similar to what happens in our walks with God. After those seasons where things felt dead is when the new growth began. It's when God began to do new things.

And when my perspective changed on those things, is when I stopped getting frustrated with those times. It doesn't mean I like them. I still wish there was a way to avoid them. But seeing them as the precursor to God doing something new makes them easier to walk through.

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