Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday:Together

It`s that time again. Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo Baker`s blog. Five minutes of unedited writing that we then share. Today`s word is together.

Ì enjoy it when we spend time together.

She said those words as I climbed in my car. She walked away before I could respond. If she hadn`t I would have responded the same way.

I enjoyed spending time with her too. But this was the first time in three months we had taken the time to spend together. We had our list of excuses why it hadn`t worked for us to get together, but I wondered as I drove away how true our excuses really where.

Sure I had lots of things going on in my life, but I still always found time to spend with people if I wanted to. And I knew that she was home most evenings because we would chat online. But that online chat that we tried to make replace seeing each other face-to-face really didn`t do it. It didn`t replace spending time together - sitting across a table from each other having a conversation, walking along the lake while we talked.

I decided that I would make spending time with friends more of a priority as I drove home that night. With this friend and with others that it had been far too long since we sat down to talk.

Together . . . time with people we love and care about . . . it`s something we all need.


  1. "With people we love and care about" -- the best together there is. Stopping by from Lisa-Jo's.

  2. Amen! Nothing like face to face, in the flesh communion with a real friend. It's a challenge not to let technology seep its way into that space and make us feel like we don't really need the in-person. Always so many excuses in these full lives, but I love your honesty and commitment to not let those get in the way. Visiting from FMF this morning. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      It's true that we can let busy-ness and technology get in the way of face-to-face time. But the first thing in making sure they don't is bring aware of that they can and that helps us to keep our relationships what they need to be.

  3. Yes! Making relationships a "priority." This is what we need. Blessings!