Thursday, March 27, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Mighty

Five Minute FridayIt's a few hours early where I am, but it's Friday in other places. Joining in at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog with Five Minute Friday again this week. This week's word is "mighty."

We don't often use the word mighty to describe many things.

Sometimes we sue the word to describe superheroes. We use it to describe trees.

But, we do often use the word mighty to describe God. We serve a mighty God.

I've often wondered what exactly this word means. I had to take a moment and look up what the definition actually is. Mighty means "having, characterized by, or showing superior power or strength; of great size."

That makes sense with what we use it for in general. And it definitely makes sense when we use it as a word to describe God.

God has superior power and strength. That's why we serve Him.

God is great than we could ever imagine. That's why we serve Him.


  1. I could not agree more. God is mighty in every way- and those that know him are richer for it!

    1. Definitely richer for knowing Him. Thanks for the comment.