Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Freedom? A Prison Cell? Or Both?

"Living free but from a prison cell"
(All You've Ever Wanted, Casting Crowns)

I haven't been able to get that line out my mind since the first time I heard the song.

"Living free but from a prison cell"

I think it's far more true than we would care to admit, even though, at first listen, it may not seem to make sense. But, if we think about it for a while, we can't help but see the reality of it.

God sets us free from the things that used to imprison us. He breaks the chains that held us down and opens the door of our prison. But, instead of getting up and walking out the open door, we stay in our prison cell. We're free, but we' staying in the prison cell.

It sounds ridiculous, but it's what we often do. And I can't help but wonder what God thinks when He watches us do this.

He loves us enough to pay the ultimate price for our freedom. I wonder if He looks at us with compassion, longing for us to walk out the open door. Longing for us to really live in the freedom He has brought in our lives.

Where has God brought freedom in your life?

Where has God opened the prison door for you?

How you walked through the open door to really live in the freedom God has brought? Or are you trying to live out the freedom within the confines of the prison cell, completely missing the open door?

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