Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Importance of Our Stories

I spent the weekend away at a retreat with a group of ladies from my church. I've grown to love these weekends and I make them a priority when they come up. There's just something about getting away from everyday life that is necessary sometimes. A chance to get away to laugh and learn and encourage each other without interruptions.

On Saturday afternoon a group of us went for a walk along the lake. Up in the mountains in the midst of God's amazing creation. We talked and laughed as we walked. So much beauty surrounding us.

Great conversation as we walked. Getting to know one another more. Sharing parts of our stories with each other. Sharing what God has done in us.

Driving to and from the retreat was more great conversation in the midst of God's beautiful creation. Share stories of God in our lives, with no interruptions.

On Sunday night, my weekend wrapped up by going to a baptism service at my church. More stories of people's journeys with God. More sharing hos God has worked.

Those stories Sunday night represented just a small number of the many stories of 25 years of ministry where we are located as a church. A fraction of the stories of God working in people, transforming them into His image.

As I reflect on this weekend, I'm reminded of the importance of our stories. Of the importance of sharing our story with others.

We were created with a place in God's larger story. Our story fits into the larger one where we all have a place. But we might miss how we fit if we never share our stories.

There is a reason why we want to go to things where we can hear the stories of God at work in the lives of other people. We were created to share our stories with each other.

Sometimes when we share our story with others or we listen to someone share their story with us, something makes sense for the first time. Something that hasn't made sense before suddenly comes clear. We can see why something happened or how God used it.

We sometimes forget the power of sharing our stories. But, when we are reminded of it, we need to start to share our stories again.

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