Tuesday, February 17, 2015

God Shining Through Us

I was watching M*A*S*H a few days ago, when I struck by something the priest in the show said. Father Mulcahy is the priest and I've been struck a few times by his words. The show is defeinitely not a Christian show, but there is truth in the words this priest has to say.

The words that struck me recently are these ones:
"God didn't put us here for a pat on the back. He created us so He could be here Himself. So that He could exist in the lives of those He created, in His image."
Father Mulcahy was speaking to our desire for recognition in what we do, our desire for a pat on the back. A desire that can become something that consumes us and causes us to miss out on why we're really here.

Jesus taught about serving and loving others when H was walking this earth as a man. He backed up His teaching with His actions. There was no task too low for Him to perform in serving other. The most notable example being when He took on the job of the lowest of servants and washed His disciples' feet (John 13:1-17).

The love Jesus had for all people is evident in all His interactions with them. Even if He didn't agree with their lifestyle or their choices, He still loved them as a person.

It's when we love the people we come into contact with and serve others that we are "being Jesus" to them. That is when we are allowing God to exist in us in the created world in a way that others can see.

It's not about what we do or getting recognition for what we do. It's about presenting Jesus to the world through the way we live and the way we love and serve others.

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