Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lessons from my Grandpa

It's been a reflective couple of weeks for me. More than usual - which, if you know me, you might wonder if it was possible for me to be any more reflective.

It seems that when some things happen in life it causes us to reflect on things a bit more. We stop. We remember. We look for the good things to hold onto. We look for lessons we can learn for the future.

It's been a couple of weeks since my Grandpa passed away. Last week in a chapel service at work, I began reflecting on things I had learned from my Grandpa over the years. The speaker started talking about some of the lessons we had learned from his Grandpa and it started me thinking about that.

I didn't always know my Grandpa well. Until a little over 5 years ago, the kilometers between us meant we didn't see each other often. Once he moved here, I saw him more frequently and got to know him better.

As I've reflected on it, I've realized that there are a few things where my Grandpa had a part to play in teaching me that thing. He's not the only one who helped me learn it, but he definitely played a part in teaching me these things.

You Never Retire from Serving God

I heard my Grandpa say it and I watched him live it to the degree he was able each day. My Grandpa said there was one thing in life that you never retired from and that was serving God. Certainly, how you serve God changes over the years, but you still serve God in the capacity He gives for each season of your life.

You Never Stop Learning to Love God's Word More and More

When I was at Bible college, I spent a few days out of one of my reading breaks at their house - since a few hours away was a little closer than the 14 hours to go home. I always knew my Grandpa loved the Bible as God's Word to us, but in those few days I spent with him that was very clear to me.

We had some of the best conversations we ever had over those days I stayed with him and Grandma. We talked about the classes I was taking and things I was studying. And I received some of his wisdom learned over years of studying and loving the Bible through those conversations. I left after those days with a greater desire to keep learning and loving God's Word each day of my life.

You Should Mean it When You Say You're Praying for Someone

At the end of every phone conversation and with every hug good-bye when they came to visit, my Grandpa would say he was praying for me. I don't remember ever doubting those words. I just knew that when he said it, he meant it.

However distant our relationship may have been at times, I knew those words were true and I could count on it. It's made me conscious of what it means when I tell someone else I'm praying for them. I want to be someone who follows through when they say those words, because I know the difference it can make to know someone if praying for you.

When I reflect on things, those are the lessons that come to mind as things my Grandpa helped to teach me during his life on earth. Lessons I want to have shape the way I live the rest of the days God gives me on this earth.

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