Monday, April 6, 2015

Do the Work

With spring comes the beginning of new life and new growth.

Flowers will begin to bloom again.

Fruit trees are covered in buds that will become fruit later.

Everything begins to turn brilliant, varied shades of green again.

Sometimes for those signs of new life to be visible, we have to take the time to remove the dead stuff that is covering it up. We need to clear away the leaves and pull out the weeds. If we don't, they will choke out the new life and it won't become all that it was intended to be.

Clearing away the dead requires work on our part. We have to take the time to gather the leave. We have give the energy to pull out the weeds. We have to do it carefully so we don't damage the delicate, new life underneath it. When we have removed the dead around it, the new life gets all the things it needs to grow and flourish.

The same principles apply in our spiritual lives. When God begin to work in area of our lives to produce new life it's not a passive work on our part. We have a part to play. We have to come alongside God and work with Him to carefully remove the dead things and the weeds that are trying to choke the life out of the new things. As we do, the new thing is given room to grow and flourish and become all that God intends for it to become.

Allowing God's work in us to grow and flourish is an ongoing process. Just as the new growth spring brings requires continuing work to become what it was intended to be, our spiritual lives are the same way. We have to be continually working with God on removing the dead and the weeds so that the things He is doing receive everything they need to become when He intends them to become.

What is that area in your life that God is beginning to do something?

What are the things you need to do to work with God in clearing out what is in the way of that new growth He is bringing?

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