Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Life-Changing Encounter with Jesus

What would it look like for you to ask Jesus for what you wanted and needed unashamed of your request and undeterred by what those around you say?

What are you missing out on from Jesus because you've allowed other to silence your request?

These are two questions I was left wrestling with after reading of Jesus restoring sight to a blind beggar in Luke 18:35-43. There was a blind beggar sitting by the roadside when he heard that Jesus was passing by. The blind man cried out for Jesus to have mercy on hi. People rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he continued to call out to Jesus. Jesus stopped and asked what he wanted. Jesus then restored the sight of the blind man and he began to follow Jesus.

This blind man, whose name isn't given, knew what he needed and he knew Jesus could bring it. When he had the opportunity he cried out to Jesus for it. Even when others tried to get him to be quiet, he kept asking. And the result was getting what he asked for. The result was a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

The blind man received his sight because he refused to let others silence him. He continued to make his request for mercy known and it resulted in a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

What life-changing encounter with Jesus are you missing out on because you've allowed others to silence you request?

It's a sobering question to reflect on. Not to cause us regret, but to challenge us to stop listening to those who try to silence us.

Will you start asking Jesus again for the request you have that others have silenced?

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