Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Keeping All the Rules But Missing the Point of Them

Are you so focused on keeping all the rules that you're missing the point of them?

Luke 18:18-30 records a conversation Jesus had with a rich ruler about getting into the Kingdom the God. We easily see the connection to putting trust in our worldly wealth as being the problem. Jesus tells him to sell at he had and give to the poor, which causes the ruler to go away sad because he had great wealth.

We know the importance of where we're storing up our treasure, because it reflects on where our heart is. In our culture it's easy to focus on our money and possessions because so many see it as the most important thing. But Jesus calls us to see treasure elsewhere.

As I was reflecting on this conversation Jesus had with this ruler, I was struck by something else this time. Jesus' first answer to the man was about keeping God's commandments. The ruler's response struck me: "All these I have kept since I was a boy." (Luke 18:21). This ruler lived a good life, a moral life, but something was still missing. He still didn't have the full picture.

It's after this that Jesus talks about selling all he has and giving to the poor. When He said this Jesus was revealing the ruler's heart. This ruler was focused on keeping all the rules, or doing the right thing. And, in doing so, he had missed the point of them.

That brings me to the question I started this post with: Are you so focused on keeping all the rules that you're missing the point of them?

It can be easy to get caught up in doing all the right things, in living according to the rules, but when it comes to anything with a cost we're not willing to go there. Outwardly we're in, but when it comes to our hearts we're not there. We've gotten focused on the checklist and we've missed the point.

Where have you gotten so focused on keeping the rules and missed the relationship and the heart that's the most important?

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