Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Meeting Jesus in the Middle of Your Circumstances

There's something about John's account of the resurrection of Jesus that really draws my attention. John 20:11-18 records a conversation between Mary Magdalene and Jesus that had made me think.

Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early in the morning and discovered Jesus was no longer there. She goes back to tell the disciples. Peter and John run to the tomb to investigate for themselves.

Then we pick up the conversation Mary had with Jesus in John 20:11-18.

As I read the conversation, I'm struck by the relationship I see between Jesus and Mary. Mary wasn't just a part of the crowd that wanted to see what Jesus would do next. She followed Him because she believed in Him. One where all it took was for Jesus to say her name to recognize Him.

She was "outside the tomb crying," (John 20:11) when Jesus came to her. She didn't recognize Jesus at first. But, the moment she heard Him speak her name it all became clear. She knew exactly who she was talking to.

I think this is often our story. Something has happened that has caused us grief, pain, sorrow. We're "outside the tomb crying." We're focused on what we've lost, or think we've lost. When Jesus makes Himself known in our situation, we don't recognize Him in it. W don't realize He's right there waiting to comfort and strengthen us.

When we finally list our eyes, we hear Jesus say our name and that's when everything changes. The circumstances we're in may not change, but when we realize we're not facing them alone, that does change things. When we realize Jesus is walking every step with us that changes everything.

What circumstances are you in that seem overwhelming?
Are you focused on them? Or are you seeing and hearing Jesus there with you?

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