Saturday, December 6, 2008

deep people

So, I have apparently taken a bit of a hiatus from writing these last couple of weeks . . . and I didn't even realize it until I logged on today. I guess you could say that these last couple of weeks have been a little busy.

Anyways, I read a quote earlier today that really got me thinking.

The doesn't need more busy people, maybe not even more intelligent people.
It needs deep people,
people who know that they need solitude if they are going to find out who they are;
silence, if there words are to mean anything;
reflection, if their actions are to have any significance;
contemplation, if they are to see the world as it really is;
prayer, if they are going to be conscious of God;
if they are to know God and enjoy God forever.
(Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline)

When I read this it challenged me and got me thinking. Our culture tells us that busy-ness is good and is to be expected. Busy-ness is held up, almost like a badge of honour or significance. But, when we get caught up in it we lose our ability to be "deep people" because we do not have the time for silence, reflection, contemplation, and prayer.

I have been thinking since about my own life and how much time I have for these things. And, really, there is not much. This was the challenge I needed today and maybe it is for you as well. Especially in this Christmas season where there always seems to be so much going on, maybe we need to become intentional about stopping the busy-ness and taking time out to spend with God - afterall, that is what we are supposed to be celebrating this time of year.

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