Thursday, December 18, 2008

what Christmas is all about

I can hardly believe that in a week it will be Christmas day! It really does not seem like that is possible right now. I keep seeing all the Christmas decorations up everywhere and hearing the Christmas music, but I do not seem to think that it could really be Christmas yet.

I guess, if I were to be honest, it is because I have chosen to put that fact out my mind and not allow myself to think about it. I have never been a fan of all of the craziness that typically comes with Christmas . . . and this year I was even less inclined to get into any of it. I just did not see the point. Really, this past fall started off pretty crappy and I have been reeling from it since. It seems that only now I even want to think about Christmas . . . and I realize that I have missed much of what does excite me about it. I still have a week and I anticipate lots of stuff in this time, but I still feel like a part of it all is missing.

Yet, at the same time, I think because I have pretty much ignored the Christmas excess and consumerism happening around me I am thinking more about what this is all supposed to be about in the first place. Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus come to earth . . . it is the beginning of the greatest rescue mission of all times! I wonder if sometimes we lose that in all the decorations, and pageants, and food, and gift buying. I know I often do.

For me this year Christmas is something pretty simple . . . and I find myself looking forward to it all with more anticipation than I have had for Christmas in a long time! It is about celebrating the birth of Christ . . . and doing so with family and good friends. It is about taking time out to remember that my Savior chose to come to this earth so I could be reconciled to Him. It is about Jesus Christ! Nothing more . . . nothing less . . . just Jesus!

May you not forget the true meaning of the season in this next week.

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