Saturday, April 18, 2009

hands and feet

So, I doing some reading for this leadership development program I've been doing with a group from my church this year, and I came across this devotional-type thing that talked about the hand and feet of Jesus and how following Jesus involves using our hand and feet.

It started off just asking you to look at your hands and think about the stories they tell. Our hands can tell stories of where we have been and what we have done when we take the time to think about it. The author of this section then went on to talk about how Jesus' hands and feet told stories of where He had been and what He had done - including the scars from His death on the cross still being there on His resurrected body.

Jesus has now entrusted us with the responsibility of being His hands and feet on this earth, as we continue to bring the message of His Kingdom. We may not feel qualified to do so, but Jesus has sent us out to do so and entrusted us with the responsibility of doing it. Jesus set an example of how we should live through His life - His hands and feet told a story and our can tell the story of our lives in His as we serve Him and live out His calling on our lives. As we use our hands and feet to serve others, we are following Jesus' example of using His hands and feet to serve others.

I just want to close with a portion of what I read that really stuck with me:
So leadership is both simple and profound after all: your hands and feet, Jesus' hands and feet. Leadership is not primarily about you, your abilities, your position, your charisma, your passion, your skills, your cleverness, your wise insights, your capacities or your talents. It is primarily about Jesus showing up, calling you and blessing you. And if you get that, you can become an amazing disciple in the hands of Jesus. The disciples' leadership was not about their qualifications, but about their availability to God. No one was more surprised than the disciples were when God showed up and multiplied the works of their hands many times over. And so it will be with you - you'll be surprised as well, if you place your hands into His.
(VantagePoint3, 2006, pg. 65)

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