Friday, April 10, 2009

hope for the future

As I sit her pondering all of my day so far . . . Good Friday . . . a day to remember what our Savior did for us. He loved us enough to go to the cross and suffer and die for us. When I really take the time to think about that, it's pretty incredible and amazing.

Earlier this morning I was reading on another blog some thoughts about the story in Luke 8 of the woman who pushes her way through the crowd to just touch the hem of Jesus' garment, for a chance to be healed. She went to all this trouble to just touch the hem - just to get close to Jesus.

At this point, I'm going to quote the part of this other blog that really spoke to me, because it says it better than I could hope too. You can read the entire blog here, but this is the part I really wanted to share today.

One day we will trade the hem for the real Him. No more pressing through
the crowd wondering if we're going to be among the few that see that kind of
miracle. We will see Him. Jesus Christ, the risen King. We won't just touch the
edge of His cloak. We will touch the God-man Himself in His spectacular immortal
body but, significantly, one still bearing the scars of His visitation here. His
wholeness is so utterly complete and infinitely perfect that we, upon the very
sight of Him, will be made whole as well.
This, Beloved, is what we live for. Not for just another day here. But for
that very day there.
(Beth Moore)

That is the hope we have for the future! The hope that comes because of what happened today so many years ago! May you be encouraged today that there is hope for the future.

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