Tuesday, September 7, 2010

do you ever wonder . . .

Do you ever have those moments when you begin to wonder how another person came to the conclusion that they did about something? The conclusion - your conclusion - seems so logical to you and you are sure it is the only one, except for the other person who has come to a different conclusion based on the same set of facts. Do you ever wonder if maybe you are actually the one who is "out to lunch" with your conclusion?

Do you ever wonder how someone could possibly think that what they are doing is sane? Or safe? Or smart? You would never do it and so you assume that no one else would either. And maybe you are right about it not being sane or safe or smart. But maybe you are not right, and while it looks crazy to you there is nothing wrong with the other person doing that?

Do you ever wonder why you chose to do what you do right now - whether it be your job, or school, or staying at home with your kids? Do you ever wonder about what it would be like if you had chosen something totally different? If you had taken that huge, scary risk to follow a crazy dream?

Do you ever wonder why you do things the way you do them? Do you ever wonder why some people do things the way they do them? Do you do things certain ways because that is how you taught to do them? Or because it works for you? Or because you just wanted to do it differently than everyone else?

Do you ever wonder why we spend so much time trying to be different from everyone around us? Why can we not be happy with who we are? Do you ever wonder where our focus on trying to stand out from the crowd comes from? Do you ever wonder if there is sometimes value in blending in with the crowd?

Lately I have had these questions and more running through my head. I do not have an answer to many of them, but they have been making me think. Maybe they will make you think too. I would love to hear the way you would complete the question: Do you ever . . .

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